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About Us

RF Wealth Management is committed to meeting each of their clients needs, no matter what stage of life or market situation. More than ever during this dynamic financial environment, we are dedicated to designing customer specific recommendations and plans. We collaborate with clients from all walks of life, be it individuals, families, businesses, or corporations.

Margaret Richards, CFP®

Certified Financial Planner® professional

For close to two decades Margaret has been working in the investment industry. Margaret holds the professional designation of Certified Financial Planner (CFP) as well as life insurance qualifications.

She works closely with Legal, Accounting and Real Estate professionals to assist in areas outside of her expertise. As an independent financial planner working under Richards Financial she is able to analyze and advise on a diverse array of financial products.

Margaret works with a wide range of clients in many different areas but her special interest lies in helping women not only achieve their goals but in educating women to take control of their future financial well-being.

Christopher Huggins, CFP®, PhD.

Certified Financial Planner® professional

At RF Wealth Management, we are 100% client-focused. Our goal is to guide you through challenging financial decisions, and more importantly we feel, to educate during the process. Equally crucial as reaching your goal, is to understand how we are assisting you achieve your outcomes. This ultimately creates a relationship in which you feel confident of the path taken, whether that goal is building an investment portfolio, retirement planning, tax/estate planning, or insurance and risk management.

Chris obtained his doctorate from the University of Toronto while researching underlying processes of cancer. Afterwards, he completed 5 years of postdoctoral studies at the National Cancer Institue in Maryland USA. He returned to Canada in 2015, making a career transition into the financial industry. During the past 7 years, he worked as an investment advisor at Richards Financial, while studying for, and achieving his CFP© professional designation in 2021. Regardless of science or finance, each discipline strives to construct a solution to a dilemma. I look forward to helping solve your problems and helping you reach your goals.